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The SGT-DIpreamp and DI gives modern bassists an entire rig in a single stompbox. It delivers an enhanced Super Grit Technologyoverdrive circuit featuring iconic Ampeg SVT® and B15 voices, versatile 3-band EQ now with sweepable mids, Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches, a variable compressor, and an Aux /Headphone section. Plus! Introducing the first IR Loader/Cab Simulator from Ampeg. Choose from three classic factory cabs or up to three cabs of your own by using the free Ampeg IR Loader application. Combining time-tested Ampeg tone with modern capabilities, the SGT-DI demonstrates our commitment

Ampeg SGT-DI Cab level Side
Ampeg SGT-DI Aux Level Side
  • 3-Band EQ with sweepable mids
  • SGT circuit with SVT and B15 voicing switch
  • Onboard IR Loader/Cab Simulator
  • Ultra-Hi and 3-way Ultra-Lo switches
  • Variable 10:1 compressor
  • Free Ampeg IR Loader application
  • Aux /Headphone section
  • Balanced XLR and ¼” line outputs

The free Ampeg IR Loader application for Mac and Windows computers allows you import and manage Impulse Responses (IRs) for your SGT-DI device The Ampeg IR Loader app installer is available for download from

The IR Loader application will pop up an alert if a newer software version is available. Selecting Yes will quit your current IR Loader application and take you to the Ampeg website to download the latest software installer.

Alert indicating a newer Ampeg IR Loader application version is available

The app also prompts you if a newer SGT-DI device firmware version is available, and the app’s built in Firmware Update screen will walk you through the steps for doing an online firmware update.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to update to the newest available versions of both the IR Loader application and device firmware whenever available—by performing the new IR Loader application installation first, before updating the firmware, as the best practice.

Ampeg SGT-DI is capable of storing three of your own IR files to use as alternatives to the factory Ampeg IR cabs. We’ve pre-loaded IRs into these three User IR locations to get you started, and you can import your own IR files at any time using Ampeg IR Loader. SGT-DI supports the use of IR wav files of practically any sample and bit rate available from 3rd party vendors (IR wav files are automatically converted to 48kHz/32-bit float/mono/2048 resolution upon import)

*TIP: Professionally crafted IRs are available for purchase from the Line 6® Marketplace Online Shop. All IRs available from the Marketplace that work for Line 6 Helix®, HX®, POD® Go, and Metallurgy® products are also fully supported by SGT-DI! See “Line 6 Marketplace IRs”




Volume/Comp Control and LED Indicator
Turn the inner knob of the concentric Volume/Comp control to adjust the preamp’s volume level. Turn the outer knob to adjust the preamp’s compressor from a ratio of 1:1 to 10:1 The Volume and Compressor knobs are only active when the Preamp footswitch is engaged The LED to the right of the Volume/Comp control flashes yellow when the compressor threshold is triggered
EQ Knobs
Use these knobs to boost or cut the levels at certain frequencies to enhance the sound. The Bass and Treble knobs are flat at the center position; turn left to cut, or turn right to boost the bass or treble frequencies. Turn the outer knob of the concentric Mid/Freq control to choose the desired midrange frequency (200Hz -3kHz), then turn the inner knob to boost or cut the gain of the midrange (gain is flat at the inner knob’s center position)
Ultra Lo and Ultra Hi Switches
Use these switches to shape the low and high frequencies of the Preamp signal. The Ultra Lo offers cut (left), off (center), or boost (right). The Ultra Hi offers off (left) or boost (right).
Cab Selector and LED Indicator
Use this 3-way switch to choose the current Ampeg Speaker Cab (the LED is lit blue) or User IR (the LED is lit purple).Set left panel’s Cab/User mode switch to determine whether the Ampeg Cab or User IR is in use. The Cab/User IR is applied only to the XLR and Line/Phones outputs.
Ampeg Speaker Cab
Choose one of the three included Ampeg cabs: 115 (HeritageTM B-15, upper switch position) 410 (Heritage SVT-410HLF, middle switch position), or 810 (SVT- 810 Squareback, lower switch position)
User IR
Choose one of the three included IRs within the User IR locations A (SVT-112AV, upper switch position), B (SVT-210AV, middle switch position), or C (SVT 212AV, lower switch position), or load a third-party IR
SGT Footswitch and LED Indicator
Press the footswitch to independently enable/bypass the SGT (Super Grit Technology) circuit. When SGT is enabled, the LED is lit amber and its classic Ampeg SVT or Portaflex® B-15 tube-style overdrive is applied to your signal. The SGT circuit includes the Voice switch and the Grit/Level controls.
Voice Switch
Toggle the switch to choose the flavor of the SGT tube amp emulation—the Ampeg SVT (upper switch position) or B-15 (lower switch position).
Grit/Level Control
Turn the inner knob of the concentric Grit/Level control to adjust the amount of “grit” overdrive. Turn the outer knob to adjust the SGT circuit’s output level. The Grit and Level knobs are only active when the SGT footswitch is engaged.
Cab/User IR Mode Switch and Level Knob
Set this three-way switch to the upper position to engage the Cab mode Use the Cab switch on the top panel to choose the desired Ampeg factory full-resolution cabinet IR • Set the switch to the lower position to engage the User mode, where your loaded IR speaker simulation file is utilized. • Set the switch to the middle position to turn the Cab/User IR mode Off—no Cab or User IR is applied • For either Cab or User IR modes, the Cab or User IR is applied to the signal on the XLR and Line/Phones outputs only • Turn the Level knob to adjust the output of the Cab or User IR signal Your level setting is automatically saved individually with each Cab or User IR.


Direct Out
Use this balanced XLR jack as a DI output to connect to the input of a mixer, DAW interface, or other outboard gear. This output carries the full Compressor, Preamp, and SGT signals, as well as the Cab/User IR (when enabled).
Connect from this USB-C jack to your Mac or Windows computer’s USB port for use with the Ampeg IR Loader application and for potential future device firmware updates.
Aux Inputs and Aux Level
Connect a stereo music source (such as an MP3 player, mobile device, etc.) to the analog, 1/8" stereo input. Or, connect another bass guitar or other audio source (such as a drum machine, metronome, etc.) to the analog, 1/4" mono (TS) input. Turn the Aux Level knob to control the level of the Aux Input. The Aux Input signal is unaffected by the Preamp, SGT, or Cab circuits, and is routed to the Line Out/Phones output only. It is recommended to push the knob and keep it in its recessed position when not in use to prevent it from being turned and protected from potential damage
Balanced XLR Line out
Line Out
Balanced 1/4" Line out jack Typically, these outputs connect to the balanced input of an external mixer, recorder, or interface. In this way, you do not have to mic the speaker cabinet in order to add it to the main mix or to record. The level of these signals are af- fected by the Volume control only when EQ is active
Use this 1/8"TRSstereo output to connect your headphones. The output here is a mix of the instrument signals reaching the SCR-DI, and any incoming audio from the Aux Input jacks

Ground Lift

Ground Lift
If there is a hum when using the D.I, there may be a ground loop. In many cases, pushing in the Ground/Lift button can fix this problem


Ultra Lo
This switch, when engaged, enhances the amount of low- end output by 1 dB at 40 Hz, and 10 dB cut at 500 Hz
Ultra Hi
Thisswitch,whenengaged, enhances the amount of high frequency output by 5 dB at 8 kHz
Engage this switch to activate the Bass Scrambler overdrive circuit. This allows for varying amounts of tube-like grind and distortion
EQ switch
Engage this switch to activate or bypass the EQ section. NOTE: The EQ and Bass Scrambler overdrive circuits are able to be activated and bypassed independently via their footswitches


65 x 189 x 126 mm (with side panel knobs recessed, no rubber feet applied)




External DC Power
9V DC @ 500mA (use the included adapter)�
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