Dingwall Lee Sklar

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Is a company made by master luthier Sheldon Dingwall from Saskatoon, Canada.

There is a lot of things that have cemented Dingwall’s place as frontrunners on the bass market. Their unique looks, lightweight construction, super-fast necks and insanely high build quality are some of them, but their most unique quality is definitely their dedication to fanned frets.

Why do I need fanned frets you might ask?

Well, if you have played a 5 or 6 string bass you have probably noticed that the low B sounds duller than the E string, and the high C will sound brighter and thinner than the G. This is because they use the same scale length across the entire fretboard, when in reality, the B-string needs a longer scale length and the C-string should have a shorter scale length to sound its best.

Dingwall’s fret design combats exactly this pitfall by varying the scale length across the fretboard, so every note will jump out at you with punch, warmth and a ton of clarity.

Lee Sklar Signature bass

Lee Sklar is the zen-ninja of bass. Lee’s legacy of both deadly precision and laidback awesomeness in his grooves, has seen him become one of the most prolific and recorded bass players of all times.

Lee Sklar and Sheldon Dingwall made this beautiful signature bass model in 2004, and when two legendary minds come together you can only end up with something incredible, and the Dingwall Lee Sklar II Signature is exactly that!

A big part of this bass’ magic resides in the construction of the body. By laminating across the width of the body, Dingwall found a way to use a high density Northern Ash wood for the bass side, and a low-density Alder wood for the treble side. This has resulted in a naturally equalizing body with accentuated highs, powerful lows, rich resonance and a deep and lush warmth to round it all off.

The fingerboard is made from wenge wood. An interesting choice because the treble sound like ebony and the low-end feel like rosewood, making it an organic mix of fast and warm, which is kind of the headline for this bass.
Another thing Lee wanted was mandolin frets, giving the bass a woodier sound, which perfectly suits this modern bass guitar.

The preamp is the 3-band Glockenklang with a modified mid which seems perfect for this bass. The EQ is tuned to perfection, giving you a deep low-end and a crisp hi-fi top-end that truly captures the sparkling sound of the strings.  To top it all off, Dingwall has redesigned the FD3, Super Fatty II pickup with more windings for a huge and fat low-end.

With its 4-position rotary switch you can go betweem the Bridge, Bridge/Middle (MM Style), Bridge/Neck Parallel (J-Style) and Neck, offering more than enough sonic combinations to get you through any gig.

Every time I play this bass my mind just explodes with joy. Big shout outs (and two Middle fingers) to Sheldon Dingwall and Lee Sklar for making a true gem of a bass!



Body Wood
Dual density northern ash and alder
Chrome Blue
Body Finish
Gloss polyester


Neck Wood
Compound angled/Matching finish
Neck Finish
Satin Polyurethane
Fingerboard Radius
190mm – 406mm, 7.5″ – 16″ Compound 
Fret Size
Mandolin size
45.5 mm – 1.8″
Neck Construction
5 Pc Maple
Neck Carve
Thin, flattened C shape
Truss Rod
Dingwall heavy duty truss-rod, Carbon Fiber (double expanding)
Scale Lenght
B 37" E 36.25" A 35.5" D 34.75" G 34" C 33.25"
Position Inlays
Side Dots
Inlay Material
3 mm pearloid face and side dots with Pearl D at 12th fret.


Active/Passive Glockenklang 3-band. Hybrid active/passive treble
Super Fatty
Pickup type
Volume Push Pull Active/Passive, Bass +/- 14dB@40Hz, Mid+/- 9dB@250Hz Treble + 18dB@18KHz/Passive cut
Pickup Switching
Rotary pickup selector 1-Bridge 2-Bridge/Neck Parallel 3-Neck 4-Bridge/Neck series


Dingwall Custom made 
Bridge Spacing
18mm - .709"
Tuning Machines
Hipshot Ultra-lite
Dingwall custom soft-touch forumla
Hardware Finish
Neutrik Locking


Levys Dingwall Gigbag