Founded by bassist Dan Lakin and luthier Hugh McFarland, Lakland (pronounced “lake-land”) have since 1994 been synonymous with breathtaking bass craftmanship. From their home base in Chicago, Lakland quickly began to take the world of bass by storm with their incredibly high-quality instruments, seeing top-name players like Darryl Jones, Gail Ann Dorsey, Kat Bax, Juan Alderete and Uriah Duffy make Lakland their sonic weapon of choice.

In the early 2000s, Lakland introduced The Skyline Series, which is now made in Indonesia. This series of basses is basically unbeatable when it comes to value for money, which is why Lakland has also become such a well-respected brand amongst the weekend warriors and bedroom rockers.  The basses are all made of North American wood and features the same overall design as the US basses with some small changes in details.

The Skyline series, a pivotal line in Lakland’s history, was introduced to offer a more affordable option without compromising on Lakland’s renowned quality. This series is produced overseas and finished in the United States, allowing Lakland to maintain high standards while reaching a wider market.

Key Features of the Skyline Series:

  1. Quality at an Affordable Price: The Skyline series made Lakland’s exceptional design and build accessible to a broader range of musicians.
  2. Versatile Sound: Known for their versatile sound, these basses cater to various genres, from jazz and blues to rock and pop.
  3. Diverse Models: The series includes several models, like the 44-02 and 55-02, which are loved for their active electronics and the ability to switch to a passive mode, offering a wide range of tonal possibilities.
  4. Build and Design: Maintaining Lakland’s signature build quality, the Skyline basses often feature ash or alder bodies, maple necks, and rosewood or maple fingerboards.
  5. Distinctive Aesthetics: These basses are also known for their sleek, modern aesthetics, making them visually appealing to a broad audience.

The Skyline series represents Lakland’s commitment to quality and affordability. It bridges the gap between high-end, boutique instruments and the needs of everyday musicians, ensuring Lakland’s place in the pantheon of great bass guitar manufacturers.

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