The Overwater story begins in the late 70’s in a cellar workshop in Londons’ Denmark Street where Chris May and his then business partner Andy Preston started to make and repair guitars and basses for musicians working in and around the area.  After officially creating the name in 1979, they quickly moved to building their own guitar and basses in Northern England.

In the early 1980’s, their reputation for specially building high quality bass guitars was quickly established as Overwater developed a range of identifiably original instruments.

After four decades, Overwater’s reputation for excellence and innovation continues to grow – along with an enviable client list.

Chris May and Overwater Basses philosophy has always been to treat electric basses primarily as acoustic instruments.  The combination of selected tone woods and matching hardware is used to create an instrument that offers a naturally resonant response, balanced across the frequency range and with a fundamental tonality that comes directly from the materials from which the instrument is constructed.

Overwater electronics is designed to deliver a very clean, quiet and full range output signal. When in the neutral position it will stay completely transparent– meaning there is no coloration or pre-shape to the sound until the EQ section is engaged. When the EQ is engaged, it offers the player a versatile and usable means of adjusting the tone and the dynamic of the sound for an accurate transfer of the tone based on the natural instrument and the user character  to the amplifier.

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