Vincent Bass Guitars, a German brand, embodies a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. The driving force behind the brand is Johannes Pöhlmann, who has dedicated nearly two decades to crafting instruments that capture the elusive “TRUE TONE” – a pursuit that defines Vincent’s philosophy. This pursuit is marked by a continuous cycle of experimenting, refining, and sometimes returning to the basics to achieve the perfect sound​​.

Key models in the Vincent lineup showcase this blend of heritage and innovation:

  1. Akkurat: A modern classic, the Akkurat is designed to be a quintessential work tool for musicians, combining the traditional with the contemporary. It is handcrafted using the TRUE TONE honeycomb chamber process, a hallmark of Vincent’s dedication to innovation. The Akkurat is available in both 4 and 5-string versions, ensuring versatility for different playing styles​​.
  2. Akkurat PJ: Building on the foundation of the Akkurat, the Akkurat PJ model adds more variety to the player’s palette. It includes a classic P/J configuration with a Häussel J-Bass pickup at the bridge, offering a broader range of sounds and creative possibilities. This model is also available in both 4 and 5-string versions​​.
  3. Metropol: The Metropol model is crafted to appeal to a wide range of players. This model also utilizes the TRUE TONE honeycomb chamber process, ensuring the quality and distinctiveness of Vincent basses. The Metropol is seen as a tool to unleash musical creativity and is available in both 4 and 5-string versions​​.
  4. Tribute MK2 & Tribute PJ MK2: These models represent a revival of Vincent’s classics. They are distinguished by their lightweight design, achieved through the honeycomb-chambering process, and are equipped with features that exemplify the TrueTone ethos of Vincent basses​​.
  5. Pony: The Pony is Vincent’s first foray into short-scale bass guitars. Despite its smaller size, it retains the characteristic Vincent sound and build quality. It was developed in collaboration with Samuel Dixon and features Vincent’s signature design elements like honeycomb chambering and a one-piece maple neck​​.

Vincent Bass Guitars stands as a testament to the art of bass guitar making, where each model is a reflection of their commitment to quality, innovation, and the quest for the true tone.

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