Aguilar Filter Twin

Aguilar Filter Twin


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Filter Twin

The Aguilar Filter Twin uses two identical filters sweeping in opposite directions – one up in frequency, one down in frequency – to give classic 70’s-inspired funk sounds or completely new and original filter tones. Two filters sweeping at the same time give you a more organic, vocal quality and allows you to get expressive new sounds that you can’t get from other pedals.

The Aguilar Filter Twin offers unique filter effects via an intuitive four-knob layout. The BLEND control allows you to adjust the mix between the filters. The THRESHOLD control determines how sensitive the unit is to different playing styles. The VELOCITY controls determine the speed of each filter.

The filter velocity also depends on threshold settings and input level. As the threshold is lowered and your bass’ input level is increased, the filter velocity increases as well – so tweak away and have fun!



Pans between the up and down filters. The “up” filter control is indicated by an arrow pointed up. The “down” filter control is indicated by a down arrow
Controls the sensitivity of the unit to different input levels
Velocity up
Controls the speed of the up filter
Velocity down
Controls the speed of the down filter


External DC Power
External DC Power: 9-10 VDC center terminal negative
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