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Super Pre

While each bass player’s ideal tone of choice is as unique as their fingerprint, the quest to capture it is universally difficult and rarely obtained. The Bergantino Super Pre is the solution to this problem. Amazingly expansive and remarkably encompassing, the Super Pre covers all ranges of your sound – from enhancing your clean tone, to adding gain, to offering a wide range of compression, to the precise control of your EQ, to wielding bold distortions, overdrives, and fuzzes, this powerful unit the size of a cigar box has you covered. Whether you’re hitting the stage or the studio, this is the tool that will make your sound distinctly you.

Jim Bergantino has made a career out of raising the bar for bass amplification through his award-winning amplifiers and cabinets that are used by many of the finest players around the world. Always evolving with the times and remaining one step ahead with his innovations, it’s only natural that his latest creation contains his universe of tones in one compact box. With the evolution of the gigging bass player, the Super Pre was designed for low enders of all levels and styles to have the freedom of taking their tone with them wherever they go. Regardless of the genre you play or the size of the stage you step onto, this unit has you covered.

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Main Features

Lightweight and durable casing
Ultra-crisp and easy-to-read OLED display
Two Studio-Quality DIs – Pre and Post, Latency compensated
Revolutionary Bergantino Speaker-File EQ System
4-Band Multifunction EQ with adjustable frequency range and “Q”
DSP Embedded System Controlled Bass Pre-Amp
Software selectable Input Impedance
User choice of serial or parallel VRC compressor
Programmable Scene Gain (-6db to +6db – scene savable)
Programmable Filters: Bright Switch, Variable High-Pass Filter, Variable Low-Pass Filter, Variable Feedback filter

With 21 savable scenes, you’re able to dial in the exact tones you want and have them ready to go with a simple tap. Featuring 3 memory switches on the face of the box that allow you to access all scenes from the currently loaded bank, you can program enough sounds to cover every range of low end glory that you desire. Perfect for players who use different basses during their sets or in the studio, or for those who change their sounds within the matter of a song, the Super Pre will make sure your tone remains consistent.

The same BFT technology that is featured in the Bergantino Forté D comes equipped in this unit along with all of the overdrive, distortion, and fuzz in all of its glory. With overdrive that cops that old school tube tone, you get all of the dirt and grit that excites harmonics and cuts through all frequencies from high to low. Leave it on and adjust the gain to make it your permanent tone or crank it up to push your speakers to shake the walls. Give your fingertips some electricity!

Bergantino Super-Pre-EQ

The 4-Band Multifunction EQ covers your bass, low mid, high mid, and treble to give you absolute control over your tone. With the EQ functions of the Super Pre, you can decide how customizable you want to get. Choose your center point and the Q (the width of the frequencies) to dial it in even further. Additionally, the revolutionary Bergantino Speaker-File EQ System is flexible to the point where the EQ bands can overlap each other using the four EQ points and the Bright control. And as far as the Bright control, you can be heavy handed or subtle by adjusting it from 1db of boost to 12dbs. For upright and acoustic players, the Software selectable Input Impedance allows you to take it from 1 meg to 10 megs to match the impedance of the pickup and achieve a coherent tone with more presence that cuts.

Bergantino Super-Pre-VRC-V1

While most compressions merely limit and shrink your tone, Bergantino gives you the choice of a serial or parallel VRC compressor. Like syrup on your tone that actually thickens your notes, you can use the parallel compression, which splits the signal and runs 50% through the compressor and 50% as your clean, or the serial, which grabs 100% of the signal and compresses all of it. You can even use it as a subtle volume boost with the make up gain available.



USB Port
Allows software upgrades/Speaker-File loads and more
Aux Auxiliary Input and Headphone jacks
For personal monitor and practice use
Speaker out
Connects the amplifier to your cabinet. This Speakon combo jack allows for either Speakon or ¼” speaker cable operation. *WARNING: Do not use an instrument cable with this jack. Using an instrument cable can damage your amplifier.
Pre Amp Line Output
(Level adjustable – 0db to +6db)
Direct Out
Studio quality DI sends an electronically balanced output signal eliminating the need for an external DI. This output can be selected to be PRE- EQ or POST- EQ (user selectable with Bright button). The DI out is 48V phantom power protected.
Parallel Speak-On output connectors (Neutrik NL4 1+/1-). The minimum recommended speaker load for the forte’ is user selectable down to a 2-Ohm minimum. A minimum of 16awg speaker cable is highly recommended.
Programmable Effects Send and Return Loop


Power supply included
9-12 ACV/DC mA500
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