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Caveman Audio BAS1 Bass Channel


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What would you use in the studio to get the best possible bass sound?

1: A great sounding preamp.
2: Parallel compression.
3: EQ.

This is exactly what BAS1 gives you! It simply represents the peak of our skills and efforts. And the result is without doubt the finest Bass Preamp that we could have ever imagined crafting.

It is designed to run directly to a FOH-console or the mixing desk in the studio via a transformer-balanced DI We even added a transformer-balanced AMP OUT to feed your amplifier/monitor on the stage.

  • Neutrik gold-plated ¼” Cable input
  • Transformer-balanced Neutrik gold-plated XLR Wireless input
  • Transformer-balanced Neutrik gold-plated XLR DI output
  • Transformer-balanced Neutrik gold-plated ¼” TRS out for external amps 
  • Adjustable Input Gain
  • Studio Quality Parallel Compression
  •  Studio Quality 2-band Parametric EQ with Bandwidth control
  • Studio Quality Low-End control
  • Overall Master Volume
  • Mute function
  • Tuner Output
  • Worldwide voltage compatibility

your secret sauce for a killer bass sound

BAS1 Bass Channel

Introducing BAS1 – the tone monster that’s about to change the way you experience your music. Picture this: every note you play takes center stage, oozing that authentic amplifier character that we all love. It’s like having a classic amp, but with a futuristic twist.

But don’t let the greatness fool you – BAS1 keeps things refreshingly simple. No need to decipher complicated controls. Take the preamp section, for instance – a single knob labeled GAIN is your ticket to sonic heaven. Plus, there’s an LED meter that’s got your back, helping you dial in that ideal Input Gain for the preamp, so you’re always in the sweet spot.

Caveman Audio taken inspiration from the legendary Urei 1176LN and given it a special twist tailored just for bass guitar signals. The result? Your bass lines feel more alive than ever. And guess what? This magical compression runs alongside your original sound, maintaining its essence and dynamics. It’s like giving your music a cozy blanket of warmth.

Here’s the real beauty: Caveman Audio done the hard work for you. Attack and Release times are pre-set, perfectly attuned for bass signals. You just handle the Threshold and the Output/Blend settings, and you’re golden. The kind of golden that takes your sound to a whole new level.

Now, get ready to sculpt your sound with finesse. The BAS1 got a two-band parametric equalizer and a trusty Bass control ready to rock. Whether you’re looking for that thumping low end, a mid-range punch, or a crisp high, Caveman Audio got you covered. And don’t worry about getting lost in the technical stuff – they made sure it’s intuitive.

Feeling the groove at 80Hz? That’s where the Bass control works its magic, focusing on that soul-shaking sweet spot. The Low EQ? It’s got the 150 Hz – 3 kHz range locked in. And the Hi EQ? That’s cruising through 600 Hz – 10 kHz. Both EQ bands offer up to +/- 15dB to play with, and they’re designed with that musician’s touch in mind.

As you’re dialing in that perfect sound, the Master Volume slides in for the finishing touch. And when you want silence to speak volumes, the MUTE function steps up.



Adjust the Gain
controls when the compressor kicks in
Sets the amount of compression
Sets the amount of low-end
Q 1
Controls how wide the Q is
Freq 1
Controls which frequency you want to work with
Gain 1
Cut and boost
Q 2
Controls how wide the Q is
Freq 2
Controls which frequency you want to work with
Gain 2
Cut and boost


Hi-Z Cable Input
Transformer-balanced DI
Radio I/P
For wireless input
Amp Out
The output that goes to you amp preferable in the return of you amp Send/Return but you can also put it at the instrument input of the amp.
Loop (send/return) Series
For patching stomp boxes in series before preamp, but post input buffer
Loop (send/return) Parallel
For patching stomp boxes in parallel before preamp, but post input buffer
Tuner Output
For you tuner


19” x 2U x 350 mm


5 kg


100-240VAC 50/60Hz
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