Caveman Audio BP1-1

Caveman Audio BP1W Bass Preamp

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BP1 crams the preamp and output stage from the BAS1 Bass Preamp System into a compact stompbox format with zero sonic compromises.
The BP1 adds definition in the Low mid-section to your bass sound. It will make your sound sit in the mix with the right definition and tons of dynamics.

you will just leave it on at all times, as it will simply enhance your core tone at the most fundamental level.

Caveman Audio BP1-1 Caveman Audio BP1-1

With the built-in transformer balanced, studio-quality DI, you will no longer have to use low-quality DI’s at venues that make your bass sound dull, 2 dimensional, and uninspiring.
This is a no-brainer pedal with only Gain and Level controls. Simply plug your bass into BP1, trim the Gain and Level to fit your taste, and experience the mind-blowing tone this unit has to offer.
We added a switchable audio loop in case you use additional stompboxes or other external equipment to make sure the sound of BP1 is never compromised.
The Radio/Wireless input and all outputs use custom-made audio transformers. In general, only the finest components are used in this stellar preamp design.
To make life even easier for you, we designed the BP1 with a power supply that will work anywhere on the planet.



Adjust the Gain
Adjust the Level


Hi-Z Cable Input
Transformer-balanced gold-plated Neutrik XLR DI
Amp Out
The output that goes to you amp preferable in the return of you amp Send/Return but you can also put it at the instrument input of the amp.
Loop (send/return)
For patching stomp boxes before preamp, but post input buffer
Tuner Output
For you tuner
9VDC output
Powering your tuner


220 x 145 x 40/65 mm


2 kg


12VDC @ 400mA Center negative
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