F bass AC5 Matt Olympic W hite

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F Bass

F Bass, a name synonymous with excellence in the bass world, has carved a niche for itself through its exceptional craftsmanship, innovative designs, and unparalleled sound quality. Known for their meticulous attention to detail and customization, F Bass has become a coveted brand among bassists seeking top-tier instruments.

The Genesis of F Bass

Founded by George Furlanetto in the 1970s in Canada, F Bass set out with a clear vision: to create bass guitars that not only played exceptionally well but also resonated with a distinct sonic character. Furlanetto’s passion for music and expertise in woodworking led to the development of bass guitars that were both aesthetically pleasing and sonically superior.

F bass AC5 Matt Olympic W hite


The Alain Caron Signature AC5 Fretless Bass from F Bass is a standout instrument that speaks volumes in both aesthetics and sound. It’s crafted for those who appreciate the finer details in a bass, combining sophisticated design with exceptional tonal qualities which makes the AC5 simply a masterpiece.

The body of the AC5 really shines. It features a chambered northern ash body, with a spruce top. Chambering in bass guitars involves strategically hollowing out sections of the body, reducing weight and significantly influencing the instrument’s resonance and tone. In the AC5, the chambered ash body contributes to a lighter instrument that offers a unique blend of warmth and resonance. Ash, known for its bright and punchy tone, gains a new dimension with chambering – it enhances the bass’s natural resonance, allowing for a more open and airy sound that’s still anchored in the solid low-end that ash provides.

The spruce top on the AC5 adds another layer to the tonal complexity. Spruce is a classic choice for acoustic instruments due to its tight grain and elasticity, which translates into a crisp, articulate sound. In this bass, the spruce top helps to balance the warmth of the chambered ash body, ensuring that the high-end remains defined and the overall tone stays vibrant and responsive.

Ebony is one of the hardest woods available for fretboards. This hardness translates to exceptional durability, which is essential for a fretless bass where the strings directly contact the fretboard. Moreover, its smooth surface allows for easy gliding of the fingers, a necessity for the fluid movements characteristic of fretless play.

Ebony is known for its clear, crisp tonal properties. On a fretless bass, where the nuances of tone and expression are paramount, ebony helps in articulating each note distinctly. It ensures that the bass’s voice is heard with clarity, without any muddiness, even during complex passages or when playing in the lower registers.

Ebony’s density makes it highly responsive to string vibrations. This responsiveness is crucial in a fretless bass, as it allows the subtle expressions and micro-tonal variations to be fully realized. The player’s emotive nuances are transmitted more detailed, creating a more intimate connection between the instrument and the musician.

Despite its clarity, ebony also imparts a certain warmth to the tone, contributing to a longer sustain and combined with the chambered the Ash body and Spruce top this becomes a fretless masterpiece that enriches the bass singing quality that most fretless players craves for.


The 3-band all-boost preamp from F Bass is engineered with the philosophy of providing maximum tonal flexibility to the player. Unlike many traditional preamps that offer both cut and boost capabilities in their EQ bands, this preamp is designed to only boost frequencies. This approach is based on the idea that adding frequencies (as opposed to cutting them) can often result in a more natural and musical enhancement of the bass’s inherent tone.

The all-boost nature of this preamp means that the baseline tone of the bass is essentially the ‘flat’ or ‘neutral’ setting. From this point, the player can sculpt their tone by incrementally boosting the desired frequencies. This setup encourages a more intuitive approach to tone shaping, where players enhance and build upon the natural sound of the bass and the woods used in its construction.

The AC5 comes with both a magnetic Stacked Single coil handmade by F bass and the RMC Piezo pickup that are installed in the bridge.

Stacked single coil pickup is essentially two single coil pickups placed one on top of the other, stacked vertically. This design helps to retain the characteristic bright and clear tone of a single coil but with reduced hum and noise often associated with single coil pickups.The sound from a stacked single coil is typically crisp and articulate, with a focus on the mid to high frequency range.

Piezo pickups, installed in the bridge of the AC5, work by sensing the vibrations of the instrument itself, rather than the magnetic field disruptions caused by the strings (like magnetic pickups do).

The sound from a piezo pickup is often described as more ‘acoustic-like’ and natural. It excels in capturing the woody, resonant characteristics of the bass, offering a warm tone and high treble.

Having both a stacked single coil magnetic pickup and a piezo pickup in the AC5 opens up a world of tonal possibilities. You can blend the outputs of the two pickups to achieve their desired sound. This setup is super versatile and you tailor your tone is so many directions like acoustic bass to edgy prog. the more you play with this feature the more you benefit from the electronics of the amazing AC5 from F Bass.



Body Wood
Chambered Maple
Spruce Top
Olympic White
Body Finish


Neck Wood
3 PC Quater-Sawn Maple
Gabon Ebony
Neck Finish
Fingerboard Radius
10" - 16"
45mm (1 3/4")
Width at the last fret
80mm (3 1/8")
Neck Construction
3 Pc Quater-Sawn Maple
Neck Carve
Modern shape….slightly thin to medium with an asymmetrical carve where the treble side carve is a little more aggressive from the centre of the neck to the fingerboard edge. This makes for a faster feel while still keeping thick enough for comfort to avoid premature hand cramping
Truss Rod
Two-way truss rod with a 4mm wrench
Scale Lenght


F Bass Preamp
F Bass Stacked Single Coil (with Hum-Cancelling) + Piezo
First Row: Neck Volume, (push for single-coil, pull for hum-cancelling), Piezo Volume, Master Tone (push for active, pull for passive) Second Row: Bass Boost, Mid Boost, Treble Boost


Handmade Adjustable Ebony Bridge
Bridge Spacing
19mm (3/4")
Tuning Machines
Black Gotoh tuners with 20:1 ratio
Control knobs
Handmade Ebony


Heavily padded F Bass gig bag
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