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THE PLASMA COIL - how it works

Instead of using LED circuits, transistors or traditional vacuum tubes, the PLASMA COIL achieves distortion by converting your instrument’s signal into a series of electrical impulses that are sent to a step-up fly-back transformer. The transformer amplifies these electrical bursts to thousands of Volts and the current is discharged in special gas-filled tube.

The discharge produced by the transformer creates strong electro-magnetic waves that can be picked up with an special antenna or pick-up, de-modulated and re-formed back into an audio signal. This is how PLASMA COIL is able to convert instrument level signal into thousands of volts, and then turn these bursts of electrical energy back into audio signal.

The discharge tube is essentially a glass chamber housing a pair of electrodes and filled with Xenon gas. Xenon is one of the so-called noble gasses, and when it comes in contact with electrical current, a process called ionization occurs. Ionized gas becomes partially conductive and essentially it “helps” electricity to travel between the electrodes. As a byproduct of ionization, the gas converts a tiny part of the electrical energy into visible light. Thanks to the tinted plexi-glass the Xenon discharges appear yellow.

Enjoy your brand new PLASMA COIL!



Lets you adjust the amount of current sent to the Xenon tube - effectively increasing or decreasing the threshold necessary for achieving a discharge in the tube.
Standard Master Volume control - set to unity volume when turned to the 12 o’clock position, but may vary depending on the EQ knob Settings.
Low Freq
EQ section that allows you to shape and mold your tone - these controls are very wide and can be used to achieve extreme settings.
High Freq
EQ section that allows you to shape and mold your tone - these controls are very wide and can be used to achieve extreme settings.
Five harmonic modes and voltage booster mode knob
SUBHARMONICS: The PLASMA COIL's subharmonics are produced by modulating the Xenon tube's Voltage with multiple divisions of the instruments fundamental frequency. The result is a glitchy, distorted octave-down sound that is somewhere between a ring-mod and a bit-crush effect. UPPER HARMONICS: The PLASMA COIL's upper harmonics are produced by using a full-wave rectifier and band-pass filter. The result is an octa-fuzz type sound with a distinct 2nd harmonic enhancement which is perceived as an octave up effect.

Toggle switches

Effect switch
Back panel toggle adjusts the effect switch from latching to momentary.


148mm * 96mm * 70mm
840 g / 1.8 lbs


Center negative 2.1 x 5.5 mm barrel plug (the standard 9V)

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