GHS Strings Presasurewound

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GHS Bass Boomers

If you love the sound of roundwound strings, but not the finger noise that accompanies them, look to Pressurewounds. Starting with a hex core, we slightly flatten a nickel-iron (Alloy 52™) wire as the string is wound. This gives you an incredibly articulate string that will run the gamut from motown to progressive, while keeping your finger noise to a minimum.

The rollerwinding leaves a slick feel to the strings, that is also ideal for fretless bass. Fretless players love how Pressurewounds retain that signature “mwah” tone, while going easy on their fingerboards.


String specs

E-106 A-84 D-62 G-44
Nickel-iron (Alloy 52™) wire
Hex core
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