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Lehle Little Lehle II

Lehle Little Lehle II

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The Little Lehle II – the universal Lehle switching and looping tool. The Little Lehle II removes effect pedals from the signal path at the press of its button. A signal can be picked off at any point in the signal chain, to switch to an instrument tuner, for example.

The Little Lehle II can also be used to switch between two instruments on one amp or, vice versa, between two amps with one instrument. Extremely diverse sound sources are possible – signals from pick-ups, microphones and keyboard line-out sockets are routed loss-free to the target amplifier or recorders, and all jack sockets are stereo. Switches with gold-plated contacts assure True Bypass. As on this unit’s “big brother”, the Lehle D.Loop SGoS, not only the stereo signal, but also the signal ground, is switched – so it’s goodbye to hum when switching between two amps, and selecting effect loops – it just can’t happen any more!
The easy-action mushroom-shaped button characteristic of Lehle products is mounted in the cover, so that your foot pressure is transmitted indirectly, via only a spring, to the slide switch with its gold-plated contacts. The electronics board is thus not exposed to mechanical loads, making the Little Lehle II virtually indestructible and guaranteeing years of trouble-free switching.

Lehle Little Lehle II

Q: Does it affect the sound and dynamics of my instrument when I use the Little Lehle II without power supply? In the manual it says the power is only for the LEDs.
A: It makes no difference since the switcher works passive. Power is indeed only for the LEDs, neither dynamics nor sound will be altered in any way.

Q: Can the Little Lehle II be used for signals other than instrument pickups?
A: No problem, the Little Lehle II can also switch line level signals. Thanks to its stereo sockets this could also be CD or MP3 players. The Little Lehle II is even suitable for weaker signals from piezo pickups.

Q: Why do I get a loud noise from my amp when I switch the Little Lehle II?
A: Two things, generally, can cause switching noise: the power supply unit used, or a DC voltage component in the audio signal, a so-called “DC offset”.
The first thing to do, in order to determine whether the switching noise is caused by the Little Lehle II itself, is to remove all other factors, if possible, from the signal path. To do this, remove the Little Lehle II’s power supply, then connect the instrument to the input and the amplifier to the output of the Little Lehle II. Use a patch cable and plug it into the Send and the Return socket, Send and Return are now bridged. The switching noise should now be significantly less, or have disappeared completely; if not, test out other instruments and/or other amplifier combinations.



Connect your instrument to this socket. The input signal enters via this socket. Like all the jack plugs on the Little Lehle II, the socket is of stereo type. The Little Lehle II thus switches stereo signals (such as stereo effects or keyboards) and balanced signals (like those from microphones, for instance) and, of course, simple mono signals, like that of an electric guitar. The LED shows green when the signal is present on the output together with the ground (earth) connection. Press the True Bypass switch and the stereo signal and ground connection are routed to the S socket. The LED will now show red. Switching of the ground connections eliminates the possibility of hum loops.
Connect your amplifier to this socket. The output signal is routed out of the Little Lehle II via this socket. The LED shows green when the input signal together with the ground connection is directly present here. Pressing the True Bypass switch routes the (Return) socket signal together with the ground connection to the output socket
Connect the input of your effects unit or amplifier to this socket. Depending on the mode selected, this socket is either connected to the input of one or more effects units, to a second amplifier or, for example, to a tuner.
Connect the output of your effects unit or a second instrument to this socket. This socket can be used for connection to the output of an effects unit, to the last output of a complete effect chain or, for example, can also be used for a second instrument. It has no function if the Little Lehle II is used as an A/B box for operation with two amplifiers.


LEDs for switching status
If the LED shows green, the Input is directly connected to the Output. The high-intensity LEDs clearly indicate the current switching status - even under bright spotlights. When you use the Little Lehle II as an effects loop switcher and the LED shows green, the effects are in Bypass, when red they are in the signal path.


External power supply
Connect a power pack for a voltage of 8 to 20 V to this socket, when needed. The Little Lehle II switches all audio signals completely without electricity. To detect the switch- ing status, it requires an 8 to 20V power supply for operation of the LEDs. Polarity is of no importance. The supply voltage is internally rectified and stabilized in order to guarantee trouble-free operation. A thermal cut-out automatically trips and switches the unit off if a short circuit occurs. A correctly fitting plug connector for the powersupply socket is supplied with the Little Lehle II. This can be soldered to the required power unit if necessary. It is advisable to use a separate power adapter or an outlet on a multiple outlet power adapter with electrically isolated outlets for the Little Lehle II, but with no other loads connected to it, to avoid interference noise during operation or when switching.
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