Meris Hedra


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Meris Hedra

Plug in to Hedra to expand your melody palette and unfold your landscape. 3 voices, in rhythm combine with your original voice to create angelic harmonies. Each voice can be delayed and fed back in 4 intricate matrices for either predictable or unpredictable results. Explore endless creative avenues with pitch corrective locking and glide modes, either smooth or hard stepped. Add sonic unease and texture by micro tuning each voice.

3-Voice Rhythmic Pitch Shifter

  • Selectable Pitch Correction Types to ReVoice your Melodies in RealTime
  • Individual Controls for Pitch and Time Offset for each Voice (3 Voices Total)
  • Micro Tune control creates gentle chorus-like detuning, classic studio fattening, and extreme warping
  • Chromatic or Key Driven Harmony with Selectable Scale Types
  • 4 Delay Configurations with unique Feedback Routing (520 mS max delay time)
  • Unique Keyboard Control putting a Live Quartet Under your Fingertips
  • Our Original Glide Mode slides between pitches at the speed you choose
  • Choice to sweep through Intervals smoothly or hard step for dramatic pitch effects
  • Switchable Half Speed and Auto Swell for advanced textures
  • Digitally controlled Analog mix control
  • Stereo input and output
  • Switchable input / output headroom level for Guitar or Synth / Line level
  • Expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously
  • Presets available via external 4-Preset switch or MIDI
  • MIDI in/out over TRS via the EXP jack
  • External Tap Tempo over TRS
  • MIDI beat clock synchronization
  • Premium analog signal path and 24-bit AD/DA w/32 bit floating point DSP
  • Premium Analog Devices JFET input section
  • Color – raw brushed aluminum with clear coat
  • Designed and built in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.



Selects key for diatonic harmonies. Set to max for chromatic shifting Alt Function: Scale Type Select (from Min to Max): Major, Minor, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Double Harmonic, Eastern Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic
Micro Tune
Slightly detunes all three pitch shifted voices Alt Function: Pitch Correction and Glide When the knob is between Min and Mid select between: No Correction, Loose Correction, Strict Correction. When knob is between Mid and Max selects amount of glide
Adjusts the balance between Dry and Wet signals Alt Function: Delay Feedback Controls delay feedback. Series delay modes: Pitch 3 sets the feedback loop. Dual delay modes: Pitch 1 and 3 both add to the feedback loop
Pitch 1
Pitch 1: Sets interval for the first pitch shifted voice Alt Function: Time Division 1 Sets a fraction of the main tempo for the first pitch shifted voice
Pitch 2
Pitch 2 : Sets interval for the second pitch shifted voice Alt Function: Time Division 2 Sets a fraction of the main tempo for second pitch shifted voice
Pitch 3
Pitch 3: Sets interval for the third pitch shifted voice Alt Function: Time Division 3 Sets a fraction of the main tempo for third pitch shifted voice Alt Function: Vibrato Depth Adds vibrato to the reverb input for lush, haunting trails.

Toggle switches

Alt Function Switch
Alt Functions are only accessible when this button is held
Mode Select
(Press to Select Mode) Dual: Splits the delay into 2 short delays with a stereo output Dual + Series: the same 2 short delays as Dual mode, now with cross-feedback Series: One long series delay with standard feedback Pitch Feedback: One long series delay with the pitch shifters in the feedback loop


Tap: Sets the main tempo/delay time. Total available time for the two Series delay modes = 520 msec. For the Two Dual delay modes = 260 msec Alt Function: Half Speed Enables the delay to run at half speed Hold Tap: Momentarily enable an automatic volume swell based on your pick attack
Bypass: Disables processing and passes the input thru to the output Alt Function: Pitch Control Smoothing Enables smoothing of the Pitch knobs. Turn the smoothing off to hard step through the intervals


24 bit A/D and D/A
Selectable True Bypass (Relay) or Analog Buffered Bypass


10.8cm x 11.4cm x 5cm
0.41 kg


9V DC center-negative, 150mA, 2.1mm jack
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