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Meris Mercury7


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Meris Mercury7

Inspired by Vangelis’ majestic soundtrack for the sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner, Meris Mercury7 is designed to send both humans and androids into an eternal dream state with its wealth of stunning reverb algorithms.

From subtle plates and huge cathedrals to massive building soundscapes, swirling modulation, epic auto-swells and cascading shimmering pads. Whether you’re looking to capture the sound and feel of well-known earthly spaces, or that of huge starlit galaxies far away, the Mercury7 is sure to deliver!

Meris has left no stone unturned in their journey to bring ultra-advanced studio reverb capabilities to your pedalboard. The Mercury7 takes everything that made the original and highly regarded Mercury7 500-series studio rack-unit amazing and distils it all into a compact, sturdy and super intuitive pedal fit for any rig and instrument out there.

Mercury7 sports two different reverb algorithms (Ultraplate and Cathedra), which alone deliver a superb range of ambient tones. Now throw in the ability to modulate, pitch-shift, swell, sustain and EQ the reverb in a million different ways via its rich control set and ALT functions and you have a reverb pedal that has your back whether you’re going for smooth on-stage ambience or otherworldly sound designs that could easily form the backdrop to your favourite movie.

In addition, Mercury7 holds one of the most impressive stereo reverb images ever made, vast MIDI capabilities and the ability to seamlessly morph between sounds via an external expression pedal. Mercury7 is in essence way more than just another reverb pedal. It’s a deep and highly musical creative instrument in its own right.



Space Decay
Sets decay energy of the reverberation space. Alt Function: Predelay Sets amount of time that elapses before the onset of reverberation.
Sets overall modulation depth of the reverb algorithm. Alt Function: Mod Speed Sets dominant modulation speed of the reverb algorithm.
Adjusts Mix of Dry and Wet signals in analog domain. Alt Function: Pitch Vector Mix Adjusts mix between intra-tank pitch shifted reflections and normal reflections inside the reverb tank.
Lo Frequency
Changes how low frequencies react in the reverb algorithm. When set closer to max, low frequency decay times are extended giving the impression of a larger room. Alt Function: Density Sets amount of initial build up of echoes before the reverb tank.
Pitch Vector
Sets intra tank pitch interval to: Octave down, slight pitch up, slight pitch down, 5th up, or octave up. Decay, Pitch Vector Mix & Hi/Lo Freq controls all interact to sculpt the intra-tank pitch regeneration. Alt Function: Attack Time Sets the attack time for the swell envelope
Hi Frequency
Changes how high frequencies react in the reverb algorithm and alters the high frequency absorbtion of the reverb space. Set lower to reduce the amount of time high frequencies live in the algorithm for a more natural room reverb. Alt Function: Vibrato Depth Adds vibrato to the reverb input for lush, haunting trails.

Toggle switches

Swell LED / Alt Function Switch
Switch LED ON when Swell is active. Alt Functions only accessible when ALT (HOLD) is held
Bypass LED / Algorithm Select Switch
Switch LED indicates Bypass status. Small LEDs indicate active algorithm. ULTRAPLATE: Inspiring & lush plate with a fast build. CATHEDRA: Massive & ethereal algo with a slow build.


Left Switch
Press to engage the auto swell function. Hold to maximize Space Decay sustain
Right Switch
Processes signal when LED is ON, passes dry signal entirely in analog (buffered or relay) when OFF.


Sample Rate
48000 Hz
24 bit A/D and D/A
Selectable True Bypass (Relay) or Analog Buffered Bypass


10.8cm x 11.4cm x 5cm
0.41 kg


9V DC center-negative, 150mA, 2.1mm jack
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