MXR Dyno Comp Bass Compressor

MXR Dyno Comp Bass Compressor

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Dyno Comp Bass Compressor

The Dyna Comp Bass Compressor delivers the most iconic compression sound in music history, tweaked and tuned just for bass players. Built around the classic CA3080 “metal can” integrated circuit for its quiet operation, superior transparency, and increased dynamic range, this pedal comes with all the controls you need to shape your compressed sound in no time at all.

The heroes of the Dyna Comp Bass Compressor’s interface are the Clean and Tone controls. The Clean control lets you add in your unaffected bass signal so that you can maintain low end integrity, while the Tone control adjusts the upper midrange to retain the tonal dynamics of your bass. Familiar Output and Sensitivity controls set volume level and the length of sustain, while the Attack switch toggles between a vintage style slow attack time and a modern style fast attack time.

And you know what? It all comes in an MXR mini housing, so making room for it on your pedalboard will be a cinch.



Adjusts volume of compressed signal
Adjusts wet/dry signal mix added to the compressor’s output
Adjusts sustain time
Toggles between slow & fast attack times
Cuts/boosts midrange at 1kHz


The Dyna Comp® Bass Compressor is powered by the Dunlop ECB003 9-volt adapter, or the DC Brick™, Iso-Brick™, and Mini Iso-Brick™ power supplies. This pedal cannot be powered by a battery
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