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The Neural DSP Quad Cortex floor processor combines high-precision studio guitar and bass tones with real-world gigging flexibility. This sleek, self-contained floor processor is powered by Quad-Core SHARC DSP and Neural’s proven sound-modeling technology, providing today’s players with the ultimate grab-and-go session accessibility. With more than 50 amps, 1,000 cabs, and +50 effects at your disposal, you can craft your favorite rigs with ease, complemented by a built-in performance looper.

One of the standout features is Neural Capture, a powerful tool that allows you to digitize your favorite amps, stomps, and cabs. Unlike traditional capture models, Neural Capture employs machine learning to replicate the subtle interactions between various elements, resulting in incredibly natural-sounding tones.

The Quad Cortex’s design centers around a 7-inch full-color multi-touch touchscreen and 11 rotary footswitches, providing a perfect balance between hands-on amp tweaking and fuss-free foot control. The device offers configurable inputs and outputs, which can be saved independently for each user preset. Additionally, you can use MIDI and USB audio delivery for top-quality plug-and-play recorded tones.

With its impressive processing power and support for multiple amp chains,  making it an excellent choice for both touring and recording scenarios.

Unlock the potential of your home amps by digitizing them and bringing them on the road with Neural DSP’s game-changing Neural Capture feature. Unlike conventional capture methods, Neural Capture harnesses the power of machine learning to faithfully reproduce the intricate interplay between your amp, cab, pedals, and playing style. Every nuance, from the subtle sag and saturation to the harmonically rich breakup and compression, is meticulously preserved, ensuring an authentic and natural sound experience. Neural Capture’s unique approach is based on the perception of the human ear, rather than rigid physics models, resulting in one of the most lifelike and realistic capture devices ever developed. So, whether you’re performing live or recording in the studio, the Quad Cortex floor processor will faithfully reproduce your beloved amps’ signature tones with astonishing accuracy and instant recall

The built-in Wi-Fi module enables seamless firmware updates, user backups, and access to new sounds via the Neural CNS Mobile app.

The Quad Cortex also boasts a dedicated tuner/tap switch, ultra-flexible I/O options, and three modes of operation (Stomp Mode, Scene Mode, and Preset Mode) to tailor the device to your specific preferences and performance needs.

In summary, the Neural DSP Quad Cortex floor processor is a game-changer, offering a vast array of realistic amp and effects models, intuitive controls, and exceptional performance capabilities in a compact and rugged package. It is an essential tool for any guitarist or bassist seeking top-notch tones and versatility on stage and in the studio.

Neural DSP Cortex Cloud

Discover Users, Presets, and Neural Captures via the Cortex Mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Linking your Neural DSP account to your Quad Cortex allows you to create backups, share content, and download items from other users. It also unlocks the Impulse Response Library, where you can transfer IRs to your Quad Cortex and manage the IRs stored on your account.

Neural DSP back side input/output



Input 1 and 2
Dual Combo Inputs: TS, TRS, and XLR, variable impedance and level controls, built-in microphone preamps, and phantom power supplies.
Dual effects-loops
Ideal for embedding external mono, or stereo effects into your signal chain, as well as additional input/output jacks.
1/4” Output jacks
Two mono, balanced (TRS) outputs provide pristine sound quality and optimal noise performance.
XLR Output jacks
Two mono, balanced XLR output jacks.
Headphone Output
Ideal for quiet practicing.
MIDI In, Out/Thru
Receive and send MIDI messages to automate switching and control of every parameter in Quad Cortex, as well as controlling other units.
Dual Expression Inputs
Connect up to two expression pedals. They can be assigned to control wahs, volume, as well as pitch-shifting algorithms.
Ultra-low latency audio transmission, firmware updates, MIDI, and more.
11 stainless steel stomp+rotary actuators
Allow for switching and rotational control (just like the footswitches and knobs you are used to, but unbreakable). All audio connectors are Neutrik®


29 x 19.5 x 6.9cm


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