Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Bass Guitar Case

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RB Continental Voyager Electric Bass Guitar Case

Since the RB Continental’s introduction in 2008, marked by its dramatic launch from a three-story building, it has been at the forefront of a revolution in protective cases for musicians. This innovation set new standards for both professional and amateur musicians worldwide. The RB Continental Voyager series is the latest advancement, elevating the company’s commitment to exceptional quality and protection.

The Voyager series enhances the original Flexoskeleton with a more efficient internal structure. This improvement preserves the high standards of shock absorption and impact resistance while significantly reducing weight and bulk. It features a modernized Quadraweave exterior with a Black Heather texture, blending durability with contemporary aesthetics.

Internally, the Voyager series introduces a redesigned bracing system, including an adjustable neck block and customizable protector pads at the endpin, ensuring instruments are securely and snugly housed.

The Voyager series builds upon the ergonomic strengths of the original RB Continental. It includes an enhanced Zero G handle with an edge seam for increased longevity, and upgraded hidden backpack straps for improved comfort.

Maintaining the high-quality craftsmanship that began in the 1970s with their first professional gig bag, the Voyager series uses industrial-grade high-tensile thread, reversed water-resistant zippers, and abrasion-resistant corded edges and seams. The use of EVA-backed material adds durability, particularly in high-stress areas. Moreover, the company underscores its commitment to quality with a leading limited lifetime warranty, providing customers with assurance and peace of mind.

The RB Continental Voyager guitar case, often imitated but unmatched, continues to offer unparalleled style and protection for musical instruments, reinforcing the company’s longstanding dedication to excellence in craftsmanship.

Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Bass Guitar Case Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Bass Guitar Case
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