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Reunion Blues RBX B4 Gig Bag

For nearly four decades, Reunion Blues has been synonymous with the world’s finest gig bags. Their latest offering, the RBX gig bag line, is a testament to their enduring passion for quality, blending a desire for affordability, lightness, and supreme protection. This commitment is evident in the line’s sleek design, featuring a Quilted Chevron exterior and a padded Blue Luster lining.

The RBX gig bag line is distinguished by the RBX protection system. This system incorporates a lightweight multi-layer foam surround, alongside strategically placed impact panels. Additionally, the design includes a dense foam neck cradle and endpin rest, ensuring that guitars remain safe and secure.

Functionality is key in the RBX line. It boasts padded backpack straps, an integrated subway grip, and the signature Reunion Blues Zero G handle, making transportation effortless. Storage is also a priority, with a large, low-profile front pocket equipped with a cable loop and organizer, offering ample space without adding bulk.

Reunion Blues RBX-B4_REV Reunion Blues RBX-B4_interior_REV Reunion Blues Gig bag RBX-B4_REV Reunion Blues Gig bag RBX-B4_back_REV

In keeping with Reunion Blues’ tradition of excellence, the RBX gig bag line comes with the Reunion Blues Limited Lifetime Warranty, underscoring their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This product line has redefined the concept of the gig bag, fitting most solid-body electric bass guitars and ensuring they are protected in style.

Notable features include:

  • A rugged, water-resistant Quilted Chevron exterior.
  • The RBX Protection System featuring a multi-layer foam surround, impact panels, a foam neck cradle, and end-pin rest.
  • The ergonomic Zero-G handle.
  • Comfortable padded backpack straps with an integrated subway grip.
  • A spacious, low-profile front pocket with essential organization features.
  • A luxurious, padded Blue Luster lining.
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