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solidgoldfx Funkzilla

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Funkzilla · Tap Tempo Envelope Filter

When it comes to envelope filters, there are a funkload of options. Unfortunately, there are plenty of parameters with which to control them, and almost all envelope filters deny you access to at least one. “Let’s just not give them a frequency control,” some might say. Fear not, funkseeker, as the Funkzilla smashes all preconceptions of what an envelope filter should do and sound like—and it works on everything; guitars, bass, keys, you name it.

The Funkzilla is our take on everything enveloped, filtered or both. While all envelope filters give you the ability to coax that familiar “quack” sound from them, the Funkzilla contains the ability to shift the filtering from envelope control to LFO control. In other words, it’s the ultimate funk box.

Attack, Depth and Freq(uency) controls come standard, as does the envelope direction (up or down). Beyond that, the heart of the Funkzilla lies within its Tap/Env switch. This switch toggles between standard envelope filter sounds and more dynamic autosweep sounds that take away the need for dynamics.

With this switch set to Tap, a plethora of options opens up. The Speed and Mode knobs become active, as does the tap switch, along with 1-2-4 and Wave toggles. The Speed knob now controls the speed of the auto-sweep (overridden by the Tap switch), and the 1-2-4 toggle controls the time subdivisions.

You can adjust the Funkzilla’s Mode control to one of eight different rhythmic patterns for the utmost expression, and across those patterns, you can choose one of three different waveforms—sine, ramp, and square.

An expression jack overrides the Speed control for some truly expressive filtering options, with some phaser and flanger overtones available for the brave.

Even without the bells and whistles, the Funkzilla is one killer envelope box and funks the joint up right out of the box. With the bells and whistles? Look out.



When in Tap mode, this knob controls the rate at which the filter sweeps automatically, from near-frozen pulses to hyperdrive.
This eight-position control cycles through several rhythms and accents when in Tap mode. Because of the different rhythms, it is highly interactive with the standard filtering controls. Turning the Mode control fully left bypasses all functions.
Controls the intensity of the filter sweep across both Tap and Envelope modes.
Adjusts the center frequency of the filter sweeps. Turning the knob lower centers the filtering on the dubby side of things while turning it up gets you into Zappa territory. Works across both Tap and Envelope modes.
1 2 4 (Switch)
The tempo range of the Funkzilla lives in this switch. In Tap mode, it sets the subdivisions of your tapping. In standard mode, it sets the range of the Speed control.
Wave (Switch)
A three position switch changes LFO waveforms between Sine, Ramp and Square modes. This switch is only available in Tap mode.
Direction (Switch)
This switch toggles between forward and reverse envelope operations, and is available across both Envelope and Tap modes.
Tap/Env (Switch)
Changes between the two main modes: Tap and Envelope. In Tap mode, the filter speed is set by either Speed knob, expression pedal or tap tempo. Each control will override the last one used. Envelope mode works as a standard envelope filter. Make sure that your instrument’s volume is set to maximum for best results.


119mm x 94mm x 30mm


The Funkzilla requires a center-negative 9VDC power adapter with at least 15mA of current (not included). Almost all power supplies meet this requirement, but check yours beforehand.

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