Founded in 1984, TKL® Products Corp. has established itself as the premier supplier of both hard and soft cases, catering specifically to the needs of music makers, retailers, distributors, and manufacturers worldwide. As a family-owned, second-generation company, TKL maintains its headquarters, along with research and development, and manufacturing operations in the Richmond, Virginia area. The company has also forged numerous partnerships across North America and globally.

TKL’s prominence is particularly notable in the realm of bass cases, where their products are highly regarded for their quality and durability. Their range includes both hard and soft cases designed specifically for bass guitars, offering robust protection and convenient transportation for musicians. These cases are a testament to TKL’s commitment to serving the needs of bassists, ensuring their instruments are safeguarded whether in transit or storage. With a focus on innovation and quality, TKL continues to be a key player in providing top-tier case solutions for bass guitars and other musical instruments.

TKL is the preferred OEM case supplier to the music industry. impeccable quality and continuously evolving designs meet the stringent demands of legendary instrument makers, including CF Martin, Collings, D’Angelico, Fender, Fodera, Gibson, Gretsch, Guild, Heritage, Ibanez and Ovation.

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