Darkglass B7k v2

Darkglass Microtubes B7K v2

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Tone crushing overdrive and super transparent modern sound is the essence of the Darkglass Microtubes B7K. One of the most acclaimed Darkglass pedals in the bass community, it doesn’t compromise the original sound of the instrument, but enhances its presence in the mix.

Darkglass’s Microtubes B7K takes the powerful dynamic saturation circuit from the simple B3K CMOS Bass Drive pedal and then adds a 4-band active EQ, parallel output and balanced line driver for even greater versatility. However, after being at the top of the feld for nearly 7 years, Darkglass thought the time had come to implement some of the engineering tricks they have learned in their journey to give this much-loved pedal the upgrade it deserved. So, with the Microtubes B7K v2 you get all the features of the original, with the ability to even better sculpt your tone.

On the low mids you now have the option to change the center frequency from 1KHz to 500Hz and on the high mids you have the option to change the center frequency from 3kHz to 1.5kHz. This will enable you to tailor your absolute dream distortion tone.

The character and core of the Microtubes B7K V2 though remains exactly the same, still retaining the powerful dynamic saturation circuit, EQ and the balanced line driver as the original.Designed for both studio and live use, the Microtubes B7K V2 will take your direct sound to a whole new level.

V2 Technical upgrades

Despite B7K already being a very versatile bass preamplifer, Darkglass wanted to simply add some very useful features for tone shaping

on the V2 model:

Low mid frequency switch

the “Lo Mid” control has now a dedicated switch to shift its corner frequency one octave so in addition to the

standard 1kHz now users get 12dB of cut/boost at 500Hz.

High mid frequency switch

The “Hi Mid” control has now a dedicated switch to shift its corner frequency one octave so in addition to the

standard 3kHz now users get 12dB of cut/boost at 1.5kHz.



Mixes the clean input signal with the overdriven signal. The clean signal remains at unity gain while the volume of the overdriven signal is set by the Level knob, allowing for fine control of the blend ratio.
Sets the volume of the overdriven signal.
Sets the amount of saturation in the overdriven signal.
+-12dB @ 100Hz
Low Mid
+-12dB @ 1kHz
Hi Mid
+-12dB @ 3kHz
+-12dB @ 5kHz

Toggle switches

Sets the amount of treble content to saturate: The "Boost" setting emphasizes the treble content extra clarity and presence. The "Flat" position leaves this register untouched while the "Cut" position will reduce the amount of high frequencies being saturated.This new addition helps to keep the treble portion of the signal under control, specially useful when playing with new strings and/or cabinets with tweeters!
Sets the amount of low frequency content to saturate by selecting between three different bass boost levels before the clipping stage.
To select between 1Khz or 500Hz
HI-MIDS push button
To select between 3 kHz or 1.5 kHz

Ground Lift

Ground Lift


Parrallel Output
A passthrough for your input signal, useful for parallel processing.
Instrument Output
Output for your amp
Direct Output
A balanced version of the ¼” output, useful for running into PA’s or studio mixing consoles.


12×10.7 cm (4.72×4.21 in)


The Microtubes B7K has a current draw of 30mA. Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug. Due to ecological reasons it does not accept batteries. Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit, voiding the warranty.
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