Based out of Helsinki, Finland Darkglass have been reshaping and redefining the world of pedals and amps made solely for the low-end connoisseur. Founded in 2011 by epic engineer and bass player, Douglas Castro, Darkglass have in my opinion been going from strength to strength ever since the immediate success with their Microtubes B3K, which quickly proved that there was a new bass-drive king in town!

Darkglass have since released one smash-hit after the other and have raised the bar immensely for bass effects in general with incredible drive pedals like the B3K, B7K, vintage microtubes and Alpha-Omega alongside the stunning Super Symmetry Compressor and my favorite fuzz pedal, the Duality Fuzz.

Even though Darkglass are deeply rooted in the metal community, you shouldn’t let that fool you. Yes, they are great for tight and aggressive dirt tones, but trust me, they are nothing short of phenomenal in every style of playing that just needs a little dirt enhancement or some transparent compression.

At the 2017 NAMM show, Darkglass brought their new and exciting Microtubes 900 bass amp with a super-sleek looking design and roaring 900watts of power that perfectly matched the vibe of their pedals. Though it’s marketed towards the harder side of bass playing, it actually works surprisingly well with vintage basses like Fender Precision and Jazz basses. And now, with their recent release of their own matched cabinets with ceramic speakers, you can get that screaming meaty bass growl through an all-Darkglass rig.

Darkglass just keep making bold strides into the future and have now begun incorporating cab simulations into their new pedals with integrated software, which gives bass players even more usability and versatility both on stage and in the studio.

I consider Douglas Castro and the rest of the Darkglass team to be true tonal geniuses with a vision that will only benefit all bass players, now and in the future.






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