Darkglass Microtubes X7

Darkglass Microtubes X7


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Microtubes X7

Distorting bass has always been a very challenging engineering endeavour. To achieve a punchy and aggressive distortion, that is also full and fat-sounding, you really need to reconcile two contradicting conditions.

The tightness comes from attenuating bass frequencies before saturation, which will also result in a very thin signal, however boosting the lows can also result in additional, unwanted fuzz. To solve this paradox, audio engineers have been using multiband distortions in the studio for a few decades now.

The Microtubes X7 is our solution to this issue but in a compact yet flexible form, just right for any touring or home bass setup.

The audio is split by two variable low-pass and high-pass filters at the very start of the signal chain. The high-pass signal (mostly the mid and treble tones) is distorted using CMOS circuitry, just like our other Microtubes pedal circuits.

The low pass-signal (all bass) is left clean and then is processed by the built-in variable compressor. This lets the high frequencies be all crunch, attack and full of rich harmonics, all while mixing back in the undistorted lows to add gargantuan size to the overall mix.

The result is virtually unlimited fullness, size, aggression and definition, regardless of how old the strings are or even if your instrument is just boomy or thin sounding.

The Microtubes X7 offers all of this plus a 4-band graphic equalizer with perfectly tailored mid controls for maximum tonal flexibility. In addition, with regular parallel, affected and balanced XLR direct outputs, you’re sure to find a way to hook up the pedal that fits your rig perfectly. Plus when the pedal is engaged, it features a low pass filter to perfectly sculpt the distorted signal for direct applications.



High-pass frequency
Controls the cutoff frequency to be distorted, ranging from 100Hz (for thicker, fuzzier saturation) or 1kHz for ultra-sharp definition
High Drive
Sets the amount of distortion for the high pass side
High Level
Sets the output volume of the distorted high-pass signal
Low-pass frequency
Controls the cutoff frequency to be mixed back to the high-pass side. Ranging from 50Hz (for only sub-bass) and 500Hz to preserve some clean mids
Low Comp
Sets the amount of compression for the low-pass signal
Low Signal
Sets the output volume of the low-pass signal
Master Slider
Sets the overall volume of the unit
Low-shelf Slider
+-12dB @ 80Hz
500 Hz Slider
1 kHz Slider
High-shelf Slider
+-12dB @ 5 kHz

Ground Lift

Ground Lift


Direct Output
A balanced version of the ¼” output, useful for running into PA’s or studio mixing consoles
Instrument Output
Output for your amp
Output impedance
1k Ohm




(9V DC, centre -, 2.1mm, ~70mA current draw)

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