Dingwall D-Roc-4 Standard Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine

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D-Roc-4 Standard Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine

Dingwall was founded by Sheldon Dingwall from Canada, and together with his team, Sheldon  is right at the forefront of designing basses. There are a lot of things that make Dingwall stand out from the rest of the bass pack: Their unique looks, lightweight build and super-fast and highly playable necks are just some of them. But their most unique quality is definitely the dedication to fanned frets.

So, why do I need fanned frets?

Well, if you have ever played a 5 or 6 string bass, you have probably noticed that the low B-string often sounds more dull than the E-string, and the high C-string  sounds brighter and thinner than the G-string.

This is because they use the same scale length across the entire fretboard, when in reality, the B-string needs a longer scale length and the C-string should have a shorter scale length to sound its best. Dingwall’s fret design combats exactly this pitfall by varying the scale length across the fretboard.

The D-Roc Standard Is the newest edition from the Asian build designs like the combustions and NG’s in the overall more price friendly but still amazing basses with a lot of bang for the buck. 

Before the bass is released into the nation of happy bass player they get the basses back to Canada where Dingwall makes a quality control to insure that the quality meets the expectations that there is from a Dingwall bass.

The body is made of mahogany and has a slim profile and the average a little under 4Kg. 

The ergonomics on back of the bass makes it very comfortable to ware. 

The headstock is smal and light weight so there is no head dive which you easily could experience from previous design the D-roc is inspired by. 

The neck is made out of maple and is pretty slim wit medium thin C-Shape and with fretboard radius at 240 mm is simply super easy to play with minimum effort so you can concentrate you thoughts and energy to spit out grooves. 

The fretboard is made out of Pau Ferro sets in between Maple and Rosewood which gives the D-Roc Standard a warmth but also a fast punch the makes the bass able to growl. 

The pickups are Dingwall’s own neodymium FD3-n that have a high aggressive output but yet still smooth, this gives the D-Roc a really impressive potent powerful sound despite it’s a passive bass. The bass comes with a rotary switch with 4 position for the 3 pickups and this is the secret to its versatility going from delicate to a massive monstrous sound.

All in all this bass will rock you hard! 

D-Roc 4 Metalflake Aquamarine Fingerstyle
D-Roc 4 Metalflake Aquamarine PickStyle
D-Roc 4 Metalflake Aquamarine SlapStyle



Body Wood
Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine


Neck Wood
5-Piece Maple
Pau Ferro
matching headstock
Neck Finish
Satin Polyurethane
Fingerboard Radius
240 mm (9.45”)
Neck thickness @ 1st fret
21 mm – .827″
Neck thickness @ 12th fret
24 mm – .945″
Fret Size
Banjo size
42 mm – 1.65″
Neck Construction
5 Piece maple
Neck Carve
Medium thin C shape
Truss Rod
Dingwall heavy duty truss-rod (double expanding)
Scale Lenght
E 36.25" A 35.5" D 34.75" G 34"
Position Inlays
3 mm plastic face 
Side Dots
2 mm plastic side dots


Pickup type
Neodymium (Standard)
Special Electronics
Position 1 - Bridge (CCW) Position 2 - Bridge/Middle (Parallel) Position 3 - Middle Position 4 - Bridge/Middle/Neck (CW)


3.7 Kg


Dingwall Custom
Bridge Spacing
Control knobs
Smoked Nickel
Hardware Finish
Electro Socket


Gig bag
Adjustment tools
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