We are stunned by how big the demand for the Dingwall basses is and we are working on getting up to speed with the demand, and slowly we are getting there.
If you want to preorder a Dingwall bass contact us at
We have also booked production spots for the Canadian models where there is normally an 18 months delivery time, with those spots, we are able to cut at least 10 months off the normal delivery time!


Dingwall guitars is a Canadian bass company founded by Sheldon Dingwall and has grown into a company with 14 employees devoted to give us bass brothers and sisters the best possible platform to perform the best to our abilities.

Dingwall offer basses than has some quite unique features compared to most of the other brands in the industry. The most important of those are the fanned frets and the different scale length for each string which I think is a revolution in bass guitars.

The different scale length insures that the sound same across the string which especially is noticeable on the Low B and High C never before have I heard a Low B string be as tight as Dingwall’s Low B’s!

Dingwall produces basses both in Canada and in China.

The Canadian models are more exclusive and the sense of details are obviously bigger and better than the China models and is also more allround basses even if they look exotic.

The standard of the Canadian basses is incredible high and has sat a new standard.

Dingwall has been around for a while but the adventure for took an epic leap into the big league with the relationship with Adam Nolly Getgood that played with the Djent Metal band Periphery. The NG series came to birth and to this day is the most sold bass model Dingwall has and in my opinion the NG bass now NG-3 is the most perfect metal bass that is around.

The NG and the Combustion series is manufactured in China and finalized in Canada to qualify the big standard that Sheldon Dingwall requires.

The value for money on the NG and Combustion series are close to be unheard off.

Yes, NG series are made for metal but don’t let you fool yourself to believe that it can’t be used for anything else, of cause you can play a lot of stuff on them.

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