Dingwall John Taylor Signature 4 Primrose

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Dingwall John Taylor Signature 4 Primrose

The John Taylor Signature model adheres meticulously to the blueprint of the limited edition Rio Dream Bass, incorporating slight modifications such as the addition of Metallic Black, Primrose, and Seafoam Green finishes, alongside the introduction of a new 4-string variant.

In addition to its visually striking aesthetics and flawless construction, each bass is engineered to deliver exceptional playability and a tone characterized by a rare blend of clarity and sophistication. Sheldon Dingwall remarks, “John’s bass playing with Duran Duran significantly influenced my perspective on the role of a bass within a band mix. His basslines exhibit a unique fusion of energy and elegance.”

Echoing the design philosophy of the Rio Dream Bass, the JT Signature model is tailored precisely to Taylor’s individual specifications. Reflecting on the genesis of the project, Taylor recalls, “The genesis occurred during a visit to Toronto approximately five years ago when a friend showcased a Dingwall bass on his mobile device. I was immediately captivated by its visual appeal and promptly instructed my technician, ‘Initiate contact with these individuals!'”

Featuring the iconic ‘Rio Eye’ inlay at the 12th fret, key specifications include a lightweight Nyatoh body, bolt-on Maple neck, and a Pau Ferro multi-scale fingerboard. The headstock is adorned with a “Rio-inspired” graphic, harmonizing with the body stripes, meticulously crafted by Patty Palazzo, a long-standing collaborator of Duran Duran. The renowned Dingwall fanned-fret system ensures optimal scale length for each string, a hallmark feature integrated across the entire Dingwall product line.

“This configuration optimizes string scale length, ensuring maximum tension for the low B string and mitigating the characteristic dullness typical of conventional 5-string instruments,” elucidates Sheldon.

Equipped with three Dingwall neodymium pickups wired to a Quad-Tone pickup selector, master volume, master tone, and a 2-band active EQ powered by a Rupert Neve Designs preamp, the JT Signature model offers a versatile array of tonal possibilities. Sheldon notes, “Duran’s seminal single, the eponymous track from 1982’s Rio, was originally recorded on a Neve console, establishing a historical resonance. The engineering team at Rupert Neve Designs meticulously captured the essence of that tone.”

While the master tone control functions adequately in passive mode, active mode unlocks additional tonal versatility through the two-band boost and cut.

The JT Signature model features premium hardware, including lightweight tuners and Dingwall’s ‘Minimalist’ bridge. The magnetic battery cover on the rear panel ensures seamless access, a practical convenience replacing traditional compartment covers.

“We have been ardent supporters of Dingwall since its inception. They epitomize the epitome of bass guitars, integrating state-of-the-art technology with player-centric features. This bass represents an instrument destined for enduring appreciation,” Sheldon concludes.

Dingwall strings undergo rigorous testing protocols to optimize performance and deliver a tone that seamlessly integrates across diverse musical genres. As pioneers in designing strings tailored specifically for multi-scale instruments, Dingwall offers nickel and stainless steel variants, ensuring balanced tension for articulately defined highs and resoundingly tight lows.

There is a lot of things that make Dingwall stand out compared to other bass companies. Their unique looks, lightweight build and super-fast neck are some of them, but their most unique quality is definitely their dedication to fanned frets.

Why do I need fanned frets you might ask?

Well, if you have played a 5 or 6 string bass you have probably noticed that the low B sounds more dull than the E string, and the high C will sound brighter and thinner than the G.

This is because they use the same scale length across the entire fretboard, when in reality, the B-string needs a longer scale length and the C-string should have a shorter scale length to sound its best. Dingwall’s fret design combats exactly this pitfall by varying the scale length across the fretboard, so every note will jump out at you with punch, warmth and a ton of clarity.

As a 5 string bass player myself, it’s a revolution for me, to be able to move freely around the fretboard and get a crisp, clear and defined note every single time.

The look and feel of the fanned frets only take a couple of hours to get used to. So, there is nothing to be afraid of here. Only massive tonal and creative gains to be made!





Body Wood


Neck Wood
5-Piece Maple, bolt-on.
Flat, string retainer /matching headstock
Neck Finish
Satin Polyurethane
Fingerboard Radius
240mm – 9.45″ 
Fret Size
Banjo size
Graphtech Black Tusq
Neck Carve
Medium thin C shape
Truss Rod
Dingwall heavy duty truss-rod (double expanding)
Scale Lenght
36.25” – 34” (920mm – 864mm)
Position Inlays
3 mm plastic face 
Side Dots
2 mm plastic side dots


Rupert Neve Designs 2-Band EQ.
FD-3N Neodymium Magnets
Volume,Quad Tone Pickup Selector, Tone, Bass and Treble
Quad Tone Pickup Selector
Toggle Switch Active/Passive. Rotary Switch Bridge Bridge/Middle (MM Style) in Series Bridge/Neck (J Style) In Parallel Neck


Dingwall ‘Minimalist’ one-piece bridge
Bridge Spacing
Control knobs
Chrome Dome
Hardware Finish
Lightweight, open-gear
Electro Socket
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