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Dingwall NG3-5 Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine

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Dingwall NG3-5

The Dingwall NG3 is Adam “Nolly” Getgood’s signature model. The bass player from djent/prog.metal super group, Periphery.
There is a lot of things that make Dingwall stand out compared to other bass companies. Their unique looks, lightweight build and super-fast neck are some of them, but their most unique quality is definitely their dedication to fanned frets.

Why do I need fanned frets you might ask?

Well, if you have played a 5 or 6 string bass you have probably noticed that the low B sounds more dull than the E string, and the high C will sound brighter and thinner than the G.

This is because they use the same scale length across the entire fretboard, when in reality, the B-string needs a longer scale length and the C-string should have a shorter scale length to sound its best. Dingwall’s fret design combats exactly this pitfall by varying the scale length across the fretboard, so every note will jump out at you with punch, warmth and a ton of clarity.

As a 5 string bass player myself, it’s a revolution for me, to be able to move freely around the fretboard and get a crisp, clear and defined note every single time.

The look and feel of the fanned frets only take a couple of hours to get used to. So, there is nothing to be afraid of here. Only massive tonal and creative gains to be made!

The bass sports an alder body, maple neck and maple fretboard, which combined with Dingwall’s own neodymium pickups creates a powerhouse of a bass which leaves every sonic detail intact.


Yes this is a signature model made for a progressive metal bass player, but I can tell you that this bass can play everything from funk to country and straight up classic rock without any hiccups.

The Dingwall NG3 5-string comes equipped with the Darkglass preamp that tonally fits this bass like a glove. You got master level, a rotary switch to select pickup positions a 3-band EQ and a switch to select between active and passive operation.

Yes this is a signature model made for a progressive metal bass player, but I can tell you that this bass can play everything from funk to country and straight-up classic rock without any hiccups. When it comes to value for money basses, this one goes straight to the top of my list!



Body Wood
Gloss Metalflake Aquamarine
Body Finish
Satin Polyurethane


Neck Wood
Flat, string retainer /matching headstock
Neck Finish
Satin Polyurethane
Fingerboard Radius
240mm – 9.45″ 
Fret Size
Banjo size
45.5 mm - 1.8"
Neck Construction
4 Piece maple
Neck Carve
Medium thin C shape
Truss Rod
Dingwall heavy duty truss-rod (double expanding)
Scale Lenght
B 37" E 36.25" A 35.5" D 34.75" G 34"
Position Inlays
3 mm plastic face 
Side Dots
2 mm plastic side dots


Darkglass Tone Capsule
Pickup type
Neodymium (Standard)
Volume, Pickup selector, Bass 70Hz, Low mid 500Hz, High mid 2,5KHz
Rotary Switch
Bridge, Bridge Middle (Series), Bridge Neck (parallel), Neck


Dingwall Custom
Bridge Spacing
Control knobs
Chrome Dome
Hardware Finish
Electro Socket
Carbon Fiber Print
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