Genzler 4 On The Floor Classic Overdrive

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4 On The Floor Classic Overdrive

The 4 ON THE FLOOR™ Classic Bass Overdrive is an ALL ANALOG bass overdrive pedal that gracefully emulates 4 different overdrive types found in classic tube circuit topologies and then gives the player additional control over drive/gain, overdrive path (only) with high pass and low pass filters and separately a clean blend. The result is the ability to tailor and fine tune the overdrive to fit with a wide spectrum of music and playing techniques, without the loss of touch sensitivity, musicality, or the addition of induced excess noise.  This versatile pedal can be used as a clean boost, an “always on” tonal enhancement, or offering varied overdrive textures to shift through, for selected performance requirements.

1st GEAR: Reminiscent of a tube amp’s clean channel (including natural harmonics) with a bit of overdriven tone when driven hard. A nice “always-on” selection.

2nd GEAR: Emulates a tube amp’s mildly overdriven tone, with a small amount of dynamically compliant clipping asymmetry. This is a natural feeling, touch sensitive algorithm with very mild compression that responds with more texture and complexity, the harder you dig in.

3rd GEAR: A more aggressive up-shift from 2nd gear, this moderate, asymmetrical overdrive is less compliant, with greater compression for a tighter feel.

4th GEAR: This is the most aggressive gear of all — a heavier, symmetrical, low compliance overdrive that can enter distortion territory when driven hard. While there are a lot of harmonics and compression present, this gear does not give up tone or feel.



This control adjusts the drive to the analog overdrive engine, the higher the control the greater the overdrive.
Drive Volume
This control adjusts the level of the overdriven signal path present at the output of the pedal.
Clean Volume
This control adjusts the level of the clean signal path present at the output of the pedal
Driver Select (Gear)
This 4 position switch works like the 4 speed gearshift on the transmission of your favorite classic car, selecting one of four available drive algorithms.
High Pass (Low Cut) Filter
This control is a variable frequency low cutoff of the signal into the overdrive engine. Increasing the frequency of this roll-off, reduces the low frequency energy and helps retain the articulation and note definition with higher overdrive settings. This filter does not affect the clean path.
Low Pass (High Cut) Filter
This control is a variable frequency high cutoff of the signal out of the overdrive engine. Reducing the frequency of this roll-off reduces the high frequency energy in the overdriven signal and can mellow out the tone of the overdriven signal. This filter does not affect the clean path.


Drive Sensitivity
High sensitivity is the normal mode and is suitable for most basses, the low sensitivity position gives a greater range of control for very hot bass preamps.
Pressing the footswitch alternates the pedal’s operation between BYPASS mode (RED LED) and ACTIVE mode (BLUE LED). No controls on the pedal will function in bypass mode.


VDC-18VDC (low noise type), either polarity (auto-detecting), 40mA max (Power supply not included).


1/4" Pedal input, nominally instrument level but can accept line level with the sensitivity switch set low. Input impedance is 1M
Power Jack
This pedal contains circuitry that auto-detects both the voltage and polarity of the attached power supply. The pedal will function properly from 9V to 18V, center positive or center negative polarity
1/4" Pedal output, nominally instrument level but can output up to line level with the DRIVE and CLEAN volumes turned up.


12,7cm x 10,4cm x 5,9cm
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