Genzler 15x3 SLT

Genzler Bass Array 15-3 Slant


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  •  The new BA15-3 SLT is our entry into the 15″ cabinet segment offering all of the benefits of the BA concept delivering huge low-frequency depth and fullness, with the clarity, quickness and full-range response that our 4 x 3″ line array element adds to this big piston 15″ driver.As well, this slanted cabinet version further enhances all benefits of the BA design adding a new level of dispersion and projection, either when being used as a single enclosure or in combination with additional straight or slant cabinets.  This model is ideal on its own but can add so much more to stage output when stacked with other Bass Array models, as the BA210-3 or BA410-3 models.An excellent choice when used as a single enclosure or in combination with additional BA straight or slant cabinets.  This offers multiple options to the player to configure their BA15-3 SLT stack for the best coverage of the stage or performance venue.The innovative Bass Array design blends the benefits of a 15” neodymium woofer in vented bass-reflex design with the performance and pattern control of a 4 x 3” neodymium cone-driver line array element.  The benefits of combining both loudspeaker platforms in an extremely compact speaker system are exponential for the player:
    • Full, deep, low-frequency response from the high efficiency 15” ported woofer.
    • Smooth, seamless, clear and articulate mid-range to high-frequency transition across the audio spectrum.
    • Broad horizontal dispersion far exceeding conventional woofer/tweeter combinations.

    The new BA15-3 SLT model utilizes a 6-degree slanted baffle providing increased projection towards the player and the audience.  This unique cabinet shape also further reduces internal standing waves, which translates into an even clearer tonal experience.



Premium Faital® neodymium 15″ cast frame loudspeaker utilizing a unique dual-wound voice coil design for increased power handling and efficiency.
Premium Faital® 4x neodymium 3″ mid/high cone drivers loaded into a sealed line array stack.
Power Handling
400 Watt
Frequency Response
Sensitivity 1W/1M
99 dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Crossover Frequency
800 Hz


44.45cm x 58.42cm x 49.21cm
15,8 Kg

Cabinet material

Cabinet Finish
Heavy-duty textured black vinyl.
Corners And Bar
Black metal corners and top-mounted, recessed bar handle.
Custom, curved grille with a unique center “pleat” to protect the array column.
Large rubber feet.
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