Genzler Kinetix 800

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Introducing the Genzler KINETIX 800, the latest marvel in bass amplification that beautifully marries vintage warmth with contemporary agility. This hybrid amplifier features an all-tube preamp equipped with three 12AX7 tubes, ensuring lush, harmonically rich tones. The KINETIX 800 emerges from an extensive development process, designed to integrate a high-voltage tube section seamlessly with a robust Class D power section.

Weighing in at just 3.3 kg, the KINETIX 800 defies expectations by packing serious power into a lightweight package. It provides 800 watts of output via a high-efficiency CLASS D module, proving that high performance need not be weighed down by traditional heavy hardware. The amp runs at full 300V plate voltage in the tube preamp, offering an authentic, “Old School” sonic experience without compromising on modern performance demands.

The KINETIX 800 is versatile in its impedance handling, operating flawlessly at 8, 4, or 2.67 ohms and can drive up to three 8-ohm cabinets simultaneously, making it a powerhouse for any gig scenario. Whether on tour or in the studio, the Genzler KINETIX 800 sets a new standard in bass amplification, offering both the soulful sounds of yesteryears and the reliability and power of today’s cutting-edge technology.


The KINETIX 800 is a real gamechanger, leaning towards an old school tube bassamp in a compact light weight box, combining the best of both worlds!


Power and Ohm

400W/8 Ohms, 800W/4 Ohms and 800W/2.67 Ohms
Minimum Speaker Load: 2.67 Ohms
Operating Power condition
100 – 240V, 50/60 Hz


Gain (Tube 1)

Controls the how much gain that goes into the Tube 1
Volume (Tube 1)
Controls the how much volume that goes into the eq section
Master Volume
Controls volume of the amp
Standby/Operation LED
(app. 13 secondsfor warmingup tubes)

Toggle switches

Boost/Mute switch (8db Boost function)
Lean/Fat/Thick switch (3 different HPF settings, plus different Lo end response curves)

Voltage Selector on the backpanel
Voltage Selector (Must be set to correct voltage)

Impedance Selector
(Must match total speaker impedance)


Tube Driven EQ (Tube 2 & 3)

Tube Driven EQ (Tube 2 & 3)

Bass +/-13dB, 70Hz

Lo Mid
Lo Mid +/-10dB, 250Hz

Mid +6dB/-11dB, 575Hz

Hi Mid
Hi Mid +/-11dB, 2.3KHz

Treble +/-13dB, 5KHz


Balanced/Tube Driven XLR D.I.
Output to send to the FOH, PA, mixer or computer (Ground Lift, Pre/Post, Line/Mic level)

Tuner Output
Tuner Output
Head Phones
Head Phones
EXF Loop
Send Return EXF Loop (Serial)

Speaker Out
2 Dual Speakon


Instrument Input
For your bass
Aux input
For music


8.26 cm x 28.58 cm x 28.89 cm.
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