Genzler Nu Classic 112T

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The NC-112T from Genzler Amplification is a compact, vertical cabinet design. Despite its modest size and weight, this model excels in delivering exceptional depth and clarity. The traditional woofer and tweeter configuration ensures controlled, deep low frequencies, which are more than capable of handling the expansive depth and extension needed for the low B fundamentals of a 5-string bass. This seamless integration of low frequencies with a smooth midrange and a clear, sparkling top-end makes the NC-112T a powerhouse in its class.

This model pairs perfectly with either the MG-350 or MG-800 bass amplifiers, enhancing its versatility across various stage settings. On its own, the NC-112T is fully equipped to handle smaller venues, but when paired with another NC-112T or the NC-210T, it transforms into a formidable component of a large stage rig. This adaptability and performance make the NC-112T an ideal choice for bassists looking to blend classic tonal qualities with modern performance needs.

Genzler Amplification is excited to unveil the Nu Classic series, a fresh lineup of bass cabinets that epitomizes the fusion of lightweight design and time-honored tonal qualities. The series includes three innovative models that boast a modern yet vintage aesthetic. These cabinets are constructed with advanced lightweight materials in compact, vertical formats, and utilize specially-designed Ferrite/Ceramic magnet low-frequency drivers alongside a Ferro-fluid infused compression tweeter for extended power and a smooth response.

The Nu Classic cabinets uniquely blend the rich, warm response of Ferrite/Ceramic speakers with the portability of a lighter cabinet class, often associated with Neodymium speakers. This achievement stems from Genzler’s established manufacturing principles including well-braced 12mm lite plywood construction and internal triangular “truss-style” side-to-back bracing. Coupled with internal acoustic dampening and innovatively designed shelf ports with softened leading edges, these cabinets deliver robust, powerful low frequency support with reduced turbulence.

The variety of tonal characteristics offered by these cabinets cater to every bass player’s needs—from the smooth articulations of jazz to the gritty growls of classic rock and heavy metal. The smallest model in this series, the NC-112T, is particularly notable for its powerful, full-bodied response, all contained within a sleek, modern 28-pound package. Its vertical design not only enhances the dispersion of sound, keeping it off the floor for taller projection, but also marries classic aesthetics with contemporary performance, making it an essential choice for bassists seeking both style and substance.



Advanced Ferrite/Ceramic Loudspeakers
Compression Bullet Tweeter w/Ferro-Fluid Cooling
Power Handling
300 Watt
Frequency Response
43-14K Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M
96 dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Crossover Frequency
4.7K Hz
Crossover Network
Crossover: 12dB/Octave with 100 Watt L-pad
One Speakon® NL-2 connector and 2 – ¼” sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.


12.7 Kg

Cabinet material

Cabinet Finish
Black vinyl covering with White/Gray Grille Cloth, Silver Piping
Corners And Bar
Chrome corners and recessed bar handle.
Large rubber feet.
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