Genzler Nu Classic 210T

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The NC-210T by Genzler Amplification stands out as a 500-watt, 8-ohm powerhouse in a compact, vertical cabinet design. This model is designed to produce exceptional depth, mid vocal smoothness, and clarity, distinguishing itself in both size and performance. Featuring a traditional 2 x 10″ and tweeter design, the NC-210T delivers deep, round low frequencies that adeptly handle the expansive depth and extension required for the low B fundamentals of a 5-string bass. The low mid punch characteristic of 10″ drivers is seamlessly integrated with a smooth midrange vocal quality and a clear top-end sparkle.

This cabinet is perfectly compatible with either the MG-350 or MG-800 bass amplifiers, making it a versatile choice for various stage applications. On its own, the NC-210T is capable of commanding smaller venues, but when paired with another NC-210T or the NC-112T, it becomes an essential component of a robust large stage rig. This adaptability and superior sound quality make the NC-210T an excellent selection for bassists who require a reliable, high-performance bass cabinet.

Genzler Amplification is delighted to introduce the Nu Classic series, an innovative lineup of compact, lightweight bass cabinets that provide a classic tone alongside a warm, full-spectrum response. These three new models are defined by their boutique modern twist on classic cabinet aesthetics, featuring advanced lightweight construction, compact vertical designs, and specially-designed Ferrite/Ceramic magnet low-frequency drivers coupled with compression tweeters that are infused with Ferro-fluid for enhanced power and a smoother response.

These cabinets incorporate a meticulous selection of components, ported design, and construction techniques that deliver the cherished performance and feel of Ferrite/Ceramic loudspeakers but within a lightweight class typically reserved for Neodymium cabinets. Achieved through established manufacturing practices, the cabinets feature robust 12mm lite plywood construction, internal triangular truss-style bracing, and acoustic dampening. The shelf-port designs with softened leading edges ensure strong, powerful low-frequency support with minimal turbulence.

The Nu Classic series offers a versatile tonal range suitable for every style of play, from the smooth nuances of jazz and the definitive sounds of classic rock to the intense drive of heavy metal. These cabinets consistently provide a warm response, ranging from modern, transparent clarity and smooth midrange to the traditional growl that veteran musicians cherish.

The NC-210T, a mid-sized model in this series, stands out with its vertical 2 x 10” design that ensures powerful, full-bodied sonic delivery in a stylish yet classic 17.69 kg package. The vertical orientation of the cabinet enhances sound dispersion, elevating the projection and extending its reach effectively across the stage.



Advanced Ferrite/Ceramic Loudspeakers
Compression Bullet Tweeter w/Ferro-Fluid Cooling
Power Handling
500 Watt
Frequency Response
43-14K Hz
Sensitivity 1W/1M
98 dB
Nominal Impedance
8 ohm
Crossover Frequency
4.7K Hz
Crossover Network
Crossover: 12dB/Octave with 100 Watt L-pad
One Speakon® NL-2 connector and 2 – ¼” sealed jacks; to reduce rear cabinet air loss and noise.


17.69 Kg

Cabinet material

Cabinet Finish
Black vinyl covering with White/Gray Grille Cloth, Silver Piping
Corners And Bar
Chrome corners and recessed bar handle.
Large rubber feet.
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