Keeley Electronics Bubble Tron

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Bubble Tron Dynamic Flanger Phaser

Filter, Phaser and Flanger in one pedal, 2 banks and 6 total effects


Robert Keeley and his crew are fans of Zappa.  Rabid Fans.  This pedal explores some of the famous, but very hard to find sounds of the past.  Keeley Engineering has created another batch of Neo-Vintage effects that never were.  This time Keeley has made the Flanger and Phaser in dynamic with your pick attack and strength.  Then add the Random Stepped Filter with the new “M-Style Synth” bandpass  shaping feature, and you have a lead guitarist’s dream tool.  Shut up and play your effect pedal!  Yeah, you play this thing like an extension of your mind and fingers.



Rate (FDBK)
BANK A Filter and phase mode: controls rate Flange mode: controls feedback, maximum negative feedback to left, maximum positive feedback to right BANK B Phase & Flange mode: controls rate Filter mode: controls resonance
Depth (Shape)
BANK A Filter mode: select LFO shape as indicated, from full left, ramp up, ramp down, random, or triangle. Phase and Flange mode: set for mild & soft or lush & deep BANK B Filter mode: Controls filter, from Low-Pass to High-Pass Phase & Flange mode: Set for mild &soft or lush & deep
BANK A Filter mode: controls resonance like a synth filter control. Phase & Flange mode: controls input sensitivity. This sets the point at which dynamic control is triggered. Begin with this knob at full left, and adjust until effect sound most responsive BANK B Filter mode: controls envelope filter sensitivity. Phase mode: controls feedback, up to 80% Flange mode: controls feedback, maximum negative feedback to left, maximum positive to right
Controls output levvel of effect

Toggle switches

Mode select
UP-Filter MIDDEL-Phase DOWN-Flange


111mm x 60mm x 51mm (with knobs)
238 g


9VDC, center negative, 65mA + power supply required

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