Lakland Skyline 55-02 Deluxe Spalted Maple


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Founded by bassist Dan Lakin and luthier Hugh McFarland, Lakland (pronounced “lake-land”) have since 1994 been synonymous with breathtaking bass craftmanship. From their home base in Chicago, Lakland quickly began to take the world of bass by storm with their incredibly high-quality instruments, seeing top-name players like Darryl Jones, Gail Ann Dorsey, Kat Bax, Juan Alderete and Uriah Duffy make Lakland their sonic weapon of choice.

In the early 2000s, Lakland introduced The Skyline Series, which is now made in Indonesia. This series of basses is basically unbeatable when it comes to value for money, which is why Lakland have also become such a well-respected brand amongst the weekend warriors and bedroom rockers.  The basses are all made of North American wood and features the same overall design as the US basses with some small changes in details.

Every single Lakland bass gets quality checked  at Warwick to meet the high standards that everyone has come to expect from Lakland.

55-02 Skyline Deluxe Spalted Maple

The Lakland 55-02 Deluxe bass, featuring a Spalted Maple top, is a testament to Lakland’s commitment to producing bass guitars that are instruments some of the greatest in value for money . This particular model, with its striking appearance and remarkable tonal qualities, stands out as a premier choice for versatile bass players.

The first thing that catches your eye is the exquisite Spalted Maple top. The natural, intricate patterns of the wood grain make each bass unique, turning the 55-02 Deluxe into a visually stunning piece. The Maple neck, paired with a Rosewood fingerboard, not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the bass’s overall playability and sound.

As with all Lakland basses, the build quality is really good. The bass feels solid and well-constructed, with attention to detail evident in every aspect of its design. The Maple neck is smoothly finished, offering a comfortable grip.

The Lakland 55-02 Deluxe excels in its versatile sound profile. The bass is equipped with Lakland’s famed MM/J pickup configuration. The bridge pickup, modeled after the Music Man humbucker, delivers a punchy, robust tone, while the neck pickup, a single-coil Jazz style, adds to the versatility.

The 55-02 Deluxe offers exceptional playability. The neck’s smooth finish and contour make it easy to navigate, even during fast, complex bass lines. The string spacing is comfortable, accommodating both fingerstyle and slap techniques with ease.


The Lakland 55-02 Deluxe with a Spalted Maple top is a bass that offers everything a most bass players could ask for: stunning looks, impeccable build quality, versatile and rich sound, and comfortable playability. 

When you pick up a bass featuring an ash body and a rosewood fingerboard, their connection with the instrument is immediate and profound. The ash body of the bass offers a bright and articulate response and the rosewood fingerboard brings a balance to the overall tone, softening the brightness of the ash with its warm and nuanced undertones. This combination of woods creates a harmonious blend that the bass player finds both versatile and expressive.

Maple necks offer excellent sustain due to their rigidity. This ensures that notes hold their tone longer and decay smoothly. Additionally, Maple’s stability under various environmental conditions helps in maintaining the bass’s tuning and overall playability.

Rosewood, being a denser and heavier wood than Maple, tends to absorb higher frequency vibrations. This absorption results in a warmer, slower and rich tone, especially noticeable in the lower frequency range.

The combination of a Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard and Ash body creates a well-rounded tonal balance. The brightness and clarity of Maple neck and ash body are tempered by the warmth and richness of Rosewood. This results in a bass sound that is both punchy and articulate in the highs while being warm and full in the lows

The onboard Lakland LH3 preamp with 3-band EQ allows for extensive tone shaping. Whether you’re looking for a deep, booming bass or a sharp, snappy treble, the 55-02 Deluxe delivers. The ability to switch between active and passive modes adds another layer of versatility to this already flexible instrument.




Body Wood
Spalted Maple


Neck Wood
Nut Width
46 cm
Lakland Dual Access (through body or through bridge)
Position Inlays




Lakland LH3 Cut and Boost: Bass, Midrange, Treble, Panning-style Pickup Blend Control Master Volume (pull for preamp bypass) 3-way Bridge Pickup Coil Tap Toggle
Lakland MM-J Config
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