Jule Simone All Tube Bass Preamp (pre-owned)


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Nothing but gorgeous tone and playing characteristics, but small enough to fit in your backpack. Simone is a preamp to drive any bass amp, an Active EQ, and a Cinemag Transformer driven DI. Perfect on stage. Perfect in the studio. Driven by Tubes/Valves named 6AK5. The current valves are Military Specification Mullards.


Power and Ohm

Input impedance
5.1 meg.
Line Out impedance
10k. Line Out Level is up to +19db in Simone.
The Simone power supply input jack center pin is 2.5mm in diameter. The reason for this 2.5mm is to make it impossible (without a hammer) to stick a standard pedal power supply (negative 9 volts on a 2.1mm center pin) into Simone. There is also reverse voltage protection built into Simone to take care of the situation where a replacement power supply may have the right 2.5mm center pin, but the center is negative


Controls the amount of output that goes out of the pedal
EQ is three-band active (baxandall inspired) with +/- 10db per band
EQ is three-band active (baxandall inspired) with +/- 10db per band
EQ is three-band active (baxandall inspired) with +/- 10db per band
Controls the amount of output that goes into the DI
The Sense knob gives us almost a 4db gain shift on the bottom frequencies. This also gives us a variable input attack. It does not affect the high end. The Classic Monique Sensitivity was a single knob that did the Sensitivity with the sweep of the knob, and the Boost was the push/pull feature. In Simone, the gain Boost has been separated and moved to the Boost footswitch and the Sensitivity is in the "Sense" knob.
The Simone is variable from about +2db to almost +20db. The Drive takes advantage of a complete tube/valve by itself. The Simone Drive can add considerable gain that the Monique could not.


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